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Lock Mat

Lock mat is also known as apple mat or snake mat. Our lock mats are available in single color, multi color, stripes and printed. They have following characteristics:

  • Weight- 3.5kg/m2
  • Thickness- 4.5mm
  • Roll size- 1.22m x 9m

Lock Mat Printed color

Available in any customized design on any color.

Lock Mat Single Color

Available in

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Sand
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
Lock Mat Stripes

Popularly known as Patta.

Available in

  • Red/Black
  • Green/Black
  • Blue/Black
  • Grey/Black
  • Sand/Brown.
Lock Mat Metallic color

Available in

  • Copper
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • Green

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